Routes to Knowledge’s Adult Learning Center offer classes, courses, and workshops to increase low-economic adult learners the opportunity to increase literacy skills. Literacy skills training focus on skills needed to improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They are as simple as improving spelling and can be as complex as writing the business report or dissertation. Routes to Knowledge was founded through the process of working as a coach for elementary and high shool learners to develop better speech writing skills and as a coach for college, university learners writing capstones and dissertations.

While working on her doctorate, which focused on behavioral needs in K-12 for teachers, Dr. Brenda Washington discovered her passion for assisting adult learners to improve their literacy skills and reach their goals working as a writing coach for the university. She completed her doctorate in Reading and Literacy in late 2017 and started proof and editing services to assist low economic learners struggling to afford editors for their doctoral studies. She recognized this need in the academic community and decided to reach out to adult learners that are not as fortunate to continue beyond high school.

Our Mission: Routes to Knowledge’s Adult Learning Center is a non-profit initiatie whose aim is to mentor and facilitate classes, courses, workshops to under-served community adults, 17years and older, to improve their academic and employ-ability knowledge and skills.

Our Learners Say

I have been working with Dr. BJ since I was in highschool. I am now a senior at the University of South Florida and anytime I have to write ANYTHING, Dr. BJ is the first person I call. I have used Dr. BJ for every written work that I have had. From speeches and college papers, to scholarship essays and proposals. Anything that you need, if you want it done right, call Dr. BJ!

Syria L. Teacher

Dr. Washington’s work is detail oriented, passionate, clear cut, educational, inspirational (yes inspirational), and commands excellence…when I thought my work was done, and all was well, she caught so much and helped me…Dr. Brenda goes above and beyond to get things done and out on time….With her on your team you can not go wrong…She knows her stuff, she gives on point corrections and works with you to figure out what is really the point you are trying to bring across to your reader/s.  She is professional, profound, and pristine. 

She is also one of the most reasonable editors/writing coach on the market.  You get not only what you have paid for but even more.  You get dedication and passion!

Dr. M. Pearson, DPA, LCSW

Let’s build something together.